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Asbestoseal Test Pack

We at Square Root Ltd. developed the Asbestoseal Test Pack in response to a demand to cut the costs associated with Bulk Asbestos Analysis.

When you examine the total costs of taking a sample, getting it to a laboratory, analysing it and getting the result to the client one of the largest components is getting the sample to a laboratory.

With mileage costs at about 50p/mile it only takes a few miles to make up the cost of a Square Root Ltd. Asbestoseal Test Pack.

As Asbestos is a prohibited material it took a lot of work to gain CAA and Royal Mail approval of our kit. To protect our design we have applied for the Patent and we have Patent Pending rights at present.

We believe that by using this kit you can save significantly on the normal cost of analysis of Bulk Asbestos, reduce your company mileage costs and reduce environmental impact by reducing vehicle emissions.

Each sample analysis costs from £30 plus VAT (each kit can hold up to three samples).

The first test pack you order is FREE.(Excluding analysis)

Replacement test packs then cost £5.00 plus VAT. A replacement test pack is automatically sent out to the user to replace the one sent in, and is invoiced along with costs for sample analysis.

Please contact us to order your FREE Asbestoseal Test Pack.

Asbestoseal Test Packs will only be supplied to individuals who are competent to sample asbestos material.