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Analytical Services

Once we have received a sample in our Asbestoseal Test Pack.....

Asbestos Aware can provide a Single sample analysis to identify whether a sample contains Asbestos from £30 + VAT. (Contract prices for higher volumes are available).

If a sample is positive we can also provide a Density test from £15 per sample + VAT. This test determines whether a sample is considered bonded or not. If a material is properly bonded it can be removed without the need of a specialise contractor in some cases. ( This type of Testing is not covered by our UKAS accreditation as they do not recognise it at present).

Analytical services are provided on a 24 working hours turn around from receipt of a sample. Density testing requires a further 24 hrs.

Asbestos testing services


It is the policy of Square Root Ltd. to achieve and maintain the highest reasonably practicable standard of quality in all aspects of its measurements, and high standards of health safety and environmental compliance, both within the laboratory and on-site.

In general, this shall be achieved through:

  • Compliance with Client Specifications

  • Compliance with documented in-house Policies and Procedures

  • Participation in the Asbestos In Materials Scheme (AIMS)

  • Auditing of all asbestos testing activities according to a strict internal audit programme

UKAS accreditation

Our UKAS Accreditation 1955 covers Bulk Analysis.

Asbestos testing capabilities and methodology

  • Bulk Analysis and Provision for Posting of Suspect Asbestos Samples

  • Asbestoseal Test Pack available incorporating Post Office approved encapsulation technique.

  • Analysis and reporting within 24 hours of receipt of posted samples

  • Analysis conducted according to the reference Method HSG 248.

  • Comprehensive in house procedure ensures compliance with HSG 248.

  • Equipment subject to regular servicing and is maintained and controlled according to in-house Quality Manual.

  • In-house QC scheme to ensure accuracy of results issued to clients - includes routine checks on analyses supplied to clients, and monthly assessment of analyst performance using a bulk sample reference set.

  • Participation in Asbestos In Materials Scheme (AIMS) run by the Health Safety Laboratory ensures laboratory performance is independently assessed.

  • Bulk Analysis personnel subject to strict training and regular auditing according to in-house procedures.